RURRAT commemorates World Wetlands Day


Environmental Reporter

On Sunday 2nd of February environmentalists and people in general from different parts of the globe commemorated the World Wetlands Day.

Ruwa a small residential township located at the periphery of Harare the Capital City of Zimbabwe did justice to commemorate the global event.

Residents and Rate Payers Association (RURRAT) made this possible as they hosted the World Wetlands Day on Ruwa’s Main-Wetlands. The commemorations turned into a reality through various sports activities.

In the midst of the celebrations the event organizers kept on heralding the same message and this was to encourage residents to preserve wetlands and natural environment.

This resonated with this year’s World Wetlands theme which reads “Wetlands and Biodiversity”, becoming a game-changer in the conservation of natural environment.

Excitement fused with happy momemts engulfed revellers of the boxing matches and football spectators before presentation of RURRAT World Wetlands Day Commemorations medals.

Bedges Chidemo RURRAT Chairman encouraged residents to value their wetlands which are a source of water.

“Let’s preserve our wetlands, as residents they are our source of water and are also important for the maintenance of ecological systems.

The call to preserve wetlands is inline with stipulations of the Ramsar Convention of 1971 in Iran and the day to mark the commemorations was first celebrated in 1991

Tendai Guvamombe