SA President applauds Journalists

President RamaphosaPresident Ramaphosa

By Staff Reporter

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa has applauded Journalists for the work they carried out during the catastrophic violence that took place in some provinces of the country.

Ramaphosa made the remarks on Friday evening during his address to the nation on the recent violence. He reiterated that Journalists risked their lives as they thrived to inform the public on the outbreaks of violence.

“I thank journalists in the country who have been covering events on violent outbreak. They have been on the ground capacitating people with information. I have watched some of them covering the events in some places that were serious.”

In every rampant situation around the globe, journalists are always found at the center of reporting facts about events as they unfold.

Ramaphosa is among few leaders to recognize the works of journalists during times of struggle.

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