Samba Girls better nudes than ‘no-panties’ Zodwa: Minister

By Staff Reporter

TOURISM and Hospitality Deputy Minister Annastacia Ndhlovu has defended Brazilian women who dance semi-naked during international carnivals often hosted by Zimbabwe while dismissing South Africa’s raunchy dancer Zodwa Wabantu for dancing without putting on a pant.

Ndhlovu had been asked by Senators during a recent sitting by the upper house what government policy was regarding international entertainers who often dance while semi-naked.

“Let me also categorically state that the Government of Zimbabwe is very strict in upholding its culture and abhors public nudity,” Ndhlovu said.


“Let me also clarify that when we talk of the Brazilian cultures – no, no, they will not be naked,” she said.


Zodwa Wabantu

The South African dancer’s then intended visit September this year was met with divided opinion among Zimbabweans with the majority seemingly supporting her visit.

Former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira invited a lot of hate among locals when she wrote to government imploring authorities to block the seductive dancer from visiting Zimbabwe for the second time.

Government, through then Acting Tourism and Hospitality Minister, Patrick Zhuwao said Zodwa could only be allowed in if her intentions were to perform at private functions and not during open events like the Carnival.

Samba Girls

“You will be aware that these private functions will be strictly for adults only and specially invited guests,” Ndhlovu said.

“During national carnivals, people of all ages are allowed to attend including children and people of such calibre do not attend.”

The deputy minister defended the Brazilians amid interjections by MPs who queried government’s apparent double standards.

“They will be putting on something that covers their skins and it is also part of their culture. This is where we learnt of carnivals…”

“As Government of Zimbabwe, our endeavour is to protect and promote our culture and shun public nudity.  We do not allow people to come and display their nudity; that is why we have the Censorship Board under the Ministry of Home Affairs in Zimbabwe to vet all these things so that we celebrate our cultural diversity in peace.”

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa