Samson Muripo honoured


Zimbabwe’s most decorated karateka, Shihan Samson Muripo last week received a pleasant surprise after fellow karatekas honoured him with a brand new Nissan Tiida vehicle at the inaugural Samson Muripo Challenge held at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.
Zimbabwe Karate Union technical director (full contact), Kumbirai Musinami told NewsDay Sport that as an association they saw it ideal to give him a vehicle which will enable him to develop the game.
“We are grateful of the work that Shihan Muripo has been doing such as putting our country on the world map through sport and also nurturing young talent. His contribution is immense and that is clear. So as karatekas, we saw it fit to give him a car which would help him in executing his duties because he has been using his own resources in furthering the sport,” he said.
“It doesn’t paint a good picture to see a world champion using commuter omnibuses while he has huge roles to partake. The gift was a sign of appreciation of the work he has done for the association and we are really proud of him,” he said.
Muripo was overwhelmed by the gesture.
“It is a great honour, a humbling gesture. I am proud of my fellow karatekas for showing such appreciation of my work. They have learnt the true spirit of the Kyokushin way. They have shown great maturity in the sport and I have no doubt they will continue to respect each other and carry on teaching respect for one another to the next generations,” Muripo said.
“Indeed, it is a humbling gesture which should be extended to all deserving people of influence in our societies.”

Tendai Guvamombe