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Sanitary Wear Shortage,a Violation of Women’s Rights: Linda Masarira

President of Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats, Linda Masarira has expressed concern over the continued shortage of sanitary wear in the country and aged women to raise thier voice for thier plight to be heard.

Masarira made the remarks in a presentation during Women’s Rights Indaba held at a local hotel in the capital today.

“I am deeply concerned about the extent of shortage of sanitary wear in the country in which most women are affecting on daily basis, it has to be known to every woman out there that shortage of sanitary wear is a violation of women’s rights.”

“Sometimes it is not about availability but affordability, right now women and young girls in rural communities are reported to be using tree bucks for sanitary wear, sometimes myself I go to an extent of failing to afford and what more about an ordinary person in the street.”
Masarira went on to urge all women to take action by marching to the parliament so that thier plight and voice will be heard by Proportional Representative Members of Parliament.

“Women need to go beyond point of complain into action oriented and we now want to march to the parliament so that those members of parliament who were entrusted to represent us listens to our cry.”

Linda Masarira also primised to channel all finances intended to carter for her birthday celebrations towards sanitary wear donations for yoing girls in Guruve’s Mbire constituency.

“ I have decided to channel all the resources and finances meant for my birthday celebration to go torwards sanitary wear donations for young girls in Mbire were most women are reported to be using tree buck for sanitary wear.”

Tendai Guvamombe