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“Sekuru Banda blessed me to become millionaire”, 81year old Granny tells the world

By Staff Reporter

In the midst of Lockdown period, a millionaire emerged from the small town of Kadoma. Mbuya Mavis, an 81 year old granny could not hide her tears after narrating her story on how she met renowned traditional healer Sekuru Banda.

The old granny told Spotlight Online News Africa that if it wasn’t for the revered Traditional Healer, Dr Banda her life would be at jeopardy.

Prestigious lifestyle, filthy wealth and trending in hard currency is the new status for Mbuya Mavis.

Gold mining is her new game and most lucrative source of income which she found a little while ago after meeting Zimbabwe’s most revered medical practitioner.

“I am a mother and 81 year old Granny, my life has been so miserable because I lost my husband when a lot of challenges were affecting my life. I was in serious poverty situation. I remember at one point I received food from Sekuru Banda as part of his donations he made during Lockdown Period,” says Mbuya Mavis while narrating her background.

She further told this news crew that her plight got noticed after Dr Banda leant of her unfortunate predicament.

“I first connected with Sekuru Banda when I learnt of an initiative where he was assisting the vulnerable and he helped me.”

“I kept on coming back to him until he asked me about what he could do to ensure that I can fend for myself, that is when I told him that I had tried gold mining without success,” she added.

The situation got worse when out of desperation relocated to her rural homestead where she learnt of gold deposits. To her surprise nothing materialized to address hunger and starvation in her life until Sekuru Banda made the turn around to her favor.

“This is my only testimony when Dr Banda intervened in my life the gold deposits became a reality, I think I might be one of the best miners to always produce considerable amount of gold in this area.”

Ambuya Mavis have since formalized her operations and she is probably now one of the leading gold miners in Kadoma producing between 400 to 600 grams of gold per week. She has however decided to uphold Sekuru Banda’s philanthropic works through making donations to elderly and vulnerable people which the Indigenous Medical Practitioner hailed.

In an interview with Dr Sekuru Banda said his area of work is to open doors for opportunities to any person desiring his/her fortunes become a success. He however distances his work witchcraft among other dubious acts.

“We help a lot of people so that your God and ancestors can open up to you, its not what people used to call kuromba but just opening up opportunities,” said Sekuru Banda.

It is a talk of the day for many people who learnt of Ambuya Mavis’ drastic changes in becoming a millionaire during lockdown space period.

Tendai Guvamombe