Sekuru Banda denounces Nana Kwaku Bonson over TB Joshua’s death

By Staff Reporter

Dr. Sekuru ‘Kamwelo’ Banda has become the first traditional healer in Africa to denounce the outspoken Ghanaian Nana Kwaku Bonson for claiming that he killed T.B Joshua who recently died in Nigeria.

Dr. Banda’s remarks made the remarks in Zimbabwe, his home country.

“The traditional healer from Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonson should stop spreading lies that he is the one who killed T.B Joshua. Death is a natural process that is unstoppable to every person on earth,” he said.

Nana Kwaku Bonson has made several claims that he is responsible for a number of miracles being done by some pastors in Africa. However, this has been put into disrepute by the recent utterances made by Dr. Banda.

According to Dr. Banda, people should stop using T B Joshua’s death for the sake of gaining popularity and relevance in the world.

“What Nana Kwaku Boson and other people are doing is just to gain world’s attention and relavence over nothing. After all there is nothing new about a person’s death. They too are also going to die. None is capable of evading death.”
“Death knows no religion, nor gender and even race. This is not the time to talk about the impossible. It is time for a person to reflect on himself/ herself for death is an unstoppable process,”he added.

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