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Sex starved men are escaping from quarantines, women tells First Lady

Staff Reporter

Women in Masvingo on Thursday told First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa that men are escaping from quarantine centres because they are hungry for sex.
Women were sharing their views before the First Lady as she had gone for her routine COVID-19 awareness campaigns.
State television, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation(ZBC tv) broadcasted the story in which an unnamed women complained about men running away from quarantine centres for the need of sex.

“There is food,accommodation and everything at quarantine centers but men(returnees) are always sneaking out of quarantine centers because of sex. Sex is the main reason.But I am urging all women gathered here today to refuse having sex with husbands who would have run away from quarantine centers.”
Another unidentified woman stood up defending where she warned women who would chose to refuse having sex with their man, citing traditional and cultural norms.

“What some people are saying can be misleading. Back to our traditional norms and values it is not proper for a married wife to refuse having sex with his own husband.”

Tendai Guvamombe