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Sharpe embroiled in the new form of corruption


By Loice Takarindwa (Court Reporter)

The High Court Case NO. HC425/2021, Notice of Filling Answering Affidavit by Allan Norman Markham as the First Applicant labelled Kenneth Raydon Sharpe as a fraudster.

The High Court papers reads that Sharpe has been involved in a State Capture, a new form of corruption that have seen him in a massive bargaining of lands in Harare.

“Corruption has been a major scourge in Zimbabwe. One of the new forms of corruption is now known as State Capture. This is the situation where private sectors such as 1st Respondent(Kenneth Raydon Sharpe) in casu , manage to influence the State at multiple levels in order to obtain certain outcomes for certain benefits.”

Sharpe profiteered in a controversial compensation of huge amounts of land to his companies on the construction of Airport Road, yet Augur Investments OU, one of his companies failed to construct more than 2.5 kilometers of the road.

The City of Harare and Ministry of Local Governments took Augur Investments OU to High Court a battle which resulted in the defeat of Sharpe’s private company.

The City of Harare suddenly received an order from the Ministry of Local Governments to withdraw all court cases against Augur Investments OU paving way for a new controversial land deal which entered under unclear circumstances.


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