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Sharpe’s aid, Van Blerk in another court excuse again- stalls progress on perjury case

Michael Van Blerk has once again caught in another excuse as his perjury case commences.  This time around failed to attend his perjury trial after claiming that he has been involved in a a horse riding accident.
The trial has been shifted to the 29th of September 2021.
This is not the first time Van Blerk has made similar excuses before the courts of law. Early this year, the perjury case was delayed after claims that he had health complications before Parirentatwa Group of Hospitals declared that Van Blerk was fit to stand for trials.
This time around he is bushing around with claims that, he had catatonic seizures when he fell off a horse.
As the the perjury trial stands, his boss Kenneth Rayden Sharpe remains at large as the main culprit.

Van Blerk’s lawyer, Zed Chidyausiku told the court that his client had been involved in a horse-riding accident.
It could however not be ascertained as to what injuries he sustained and the time frame for recovery.

As has become the norm with the businessman, perhaps for the purposes of dragging his trials, Van Blerk failed to attend court after presenting to court that he was suffering from catatonic seizures but the State led by Prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga requested that he be assessed by State certified doctors.

Van Blerk is the same person who was referred to as “Munhu waPresident” at Parirenyatwa Hospital when unknown security guys threatened the doctors who were doing his medical examinations.

Dr Rachel Muzvidziwa was the medical doctor doing Van Blerk’s medical examinations.


Tendai Guvamombe
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