Sharpe’s fraud case: Why Aleshina interacted with Justice Perm Sec, Virginia Mabhiza?

By John Craig (Court Reporter) Harare

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s aid, Tatiana Aleshina told the courts of law that she has been in close contact with the Permanent Secretary of Justice Ministry, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza as she tries to defend a land fraud case in which her own boss is facing.

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, currently based in Ukraine is still facing multiple fraud charges and is still at large despite her aid, Tatiana Aleshina telling the courts of law that she makes judiciary responses on behalf of her boss.

The land fraud case being faced by Sharpe has seen Aleshina claiming close interactions with head of judiciary ministry. This involves her machinations in roping in government officials, to the extent of fingering Permanent Secretary of Justice Ministry, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza.

This was revealed in the Notice of Filing by Allan Norman Makharm and other two applicants Case No. HC425/2021.

“Tatiana makes disclosures about her interaction with Mrs Virginia Mabiza the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice. We know of Tatiana’s machinations in roping in the Minister of Local Government, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, the Mayor of Harare, the Town Clerk of Harare, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, the Land Commission and the Attorney General.”

To make matters worse, Aleshina fingers government officials in her defense without a tangible evidence to show that there was a meeting with Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary, Virginia Mabhiza, Minister of Local Government and City of Harare.

“The First respondent therefore approaches this court with dirty hands. Its activities stink of corruption. To the extent that they have advertised their State capture mechinations in this mattet , the 1st Respondent has a duty to produce the full minutes of its minutes of the meeting with 9th Respondents, the Minister of Local Government and the Permanent Secretary in that ministry. They have a duty as well to disclose and produce the letter by the Permanent Secretary of Local Government to the City of Harare of (15th-of May 2019).”

Tatiana Aleshina who made it clear that she resides over Kenneth Sharpe’s cases will now have a huge task of compiling minutes of the meetings which she held with the said officials.

“But we know that she has been at the Centre of the activities of 1st Respondent in this country. More so, given the fact that the principal of the 1st Respondent Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is a fugitive from justice and has left the Zimbabwe.”

Sharpe acquired vast amounts of land in Harare after losing a court case for failing to construct the Airport Road. City of Harare and Ministry of Local Government both withdrew all legal cases leveled against Sharpe’s Augur Investments paving way for an illegal settlement which allowed Sharpe to get compensation in the form of land transfer, process which was held under unclear circumstances.

Amid all this Sharpe is still at large.

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