Shocking!! Sharpe’s aid in namedropping scandal


By John Craig (Court Reporter) Harare

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s, top official, Tatiana Aleshina mentioned names of government officials, including the President in order to seek judicial impunity as the entire crew are embroiled in a massive land corruption through an illegal settlement.

According to court papers Case No. HC425/2021 Notice of Filing by Allan Norman Makharm and other two applicants seen by this court reporter shows that Tatiana Aleshina(3rd Respondent) clearly told the courts of law in her opposing affidavit that; her meeting with President and government officials paved way for an illegal settlement which made it possible for Sharpe to get massive lands under unclear circumstances.

“Tatiana Aleshina on behalf of Augur Investment confesses that she was actively involved in pushing the Ministry of Local Government, its Minister and the Permanent Secretary to actually visit the offices of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. She makes the shocking disclosure that it was in this meeting with Head of State that a settlement was ordered. A meeting which according to her was heard when court proceedings were taking place.”

The meeting with Head of State, Minister of Local Government and its Secretary follows court proceedings after City of Harare and the Ministry of Local Government had taken Kenneth Sharpe’s Augur Investment to the courts of law after failing to construct the Harare Airport Road.

According to the papers, Aleshina unfairly fingered public officials in her defense papers.

“What she is in fact is saying is that she uses her influence to extract a forced settlement on the City of Harare. She is therefore unfairly and mendaciously, namedropping and fingering innocent public officials none more important than the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The disclosure in paragraph 46 of her opposing affidavit are shocking.”

Amid all this, her sentiments alleging that the anti graft cleared Sharpe from fraud cases was shocking.

“She claims that the Anti Corruption has cleared Augur Investment of any corruption”

Sharpe’s fraud case: Why Aleshina interacted with Justice Perm Sec, Virginia Mabhiza?

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s aid, Tatiana Aleshina told the courts of law that she has been in close contact with the Permanent Secretary of Justice Ministry, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza as she tries to defend a land fraud case in which her own boss is facing.

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, cureently based in Ukraine is still facing multiple fraud cases and is still at large despite her aid, Tatiana Aleshina telling the courts of law that she makes judiciary responses on behalf of her boss.

The land fraud case being faced by Sharpe has seen Aleshina claiming close interactions with head of judiciary ministry. This involves her machinations in roping in government officials, to the extent of fingering Permanent Secretary of Justice Ministry, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza.

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