Shumba Money a convenient money transfer company to note

In the 21st century, close to 4.3 million Zimbabweans emigrated to different countries. Most of them left in search of employment opportunities and have been sending money home through banks, money transfer companies, and other services.


The United Kingdom, Australia, the United States & South Africa are the top four destination countries for Zimbabwean emigrants. Together, they contribute over 61% of the money sent back home by Zimbabweans in the diaspora.


In our search of the best companies offering competitive services, we came across Shumba Money, a wholly owned Zimbabwean company. We will keep our eyes on this company and see if they are up to the market.


Shumba Money offers a variety of financial services including,  Money Transfer (World Remit), Bill Payments (ZESA, Telone, DSTV e.t.c),  Agency Banking, International school fees payment, Business travel allowance, Personal travel allowance, Air Fares, Foreign Medical Fares, Foreign currency for Micro, Small & Medium enterprises, Purchase of foreign currency from Micro, Small & Medium enterprises


Sending money to Zimbabwe is now more competitive with the entry of more players into the remittance market. Therefore, it helps to know the different ways to send money to your loved ones in Zimbabwe, the information required when sending and receiving, the benefits of using money transfer operators, and the specific things to consider when sending money.



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