Shumba Money Aid’s Danai Children’s

In support of the fight against COVID-19 and to bring relief to our community in these difficult times, Shumba Money is happy to have given aid to Danai Children’s Home.

Danai is a family set up a children’s home located in Sunridge, Harare, which houses children aged 2-18. Danai Children’s Village was founded in 2002 by the Late Francisca Saungweme, aka Granny. Granny passed away in 2015. The home was donated by Granny’s daughter – Patience Chipaumire-Oyeniran after realizing the cause that Granny was dealing with.

Shumba donated funds to Danai Children’s home and facilitated world remit collections for Danai Children’s home for the other donations that were sent via World Remit. You can make a difference, your donations can make a huge difference in the development of those less fortunate children who are left with no family or loved ones.

Danai Francisca Children’s Village aims to develop those children with life skills allowing them to move forward to a brighter future.

More essentials that the Children’s Home would need include vitamin-rich food & vegetables, vitamin-rich medicines, masks, and hand sanitizers as they are vital right now.

If you would like to help Danai Children’s Home or any other organization, Shumba Money can assist with guaranteed World Remit cash pickups from our branches, for the organization.

Send us an email on [email protected], for more information on how you can assist.

Let us all unite in this time of crisis, and remember to stay safe.

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