Starlight Global UK- Unveil Donations to the needy


Vulnerable communities in Mudzi last week Thursday were relieved  when they receive kind donations amounting to US$2,479 and 210 Pounds from Starlight Global a UK based company.
The donations were unveiled to Mudzi Orphans Development Trust at a local hotel in the Capital are expected to go a long way to help generate income projects which include goat and poultry farming in the area.
Apart from this , some of organization’s members from the UK and the US  donated clothes and wheel chairs set aside for victims victims in Mudzi.
Speaking during the donation ceremony, Starlight Global head of delegation, Shanice Lindsay said the diaspora community is humbly delighted to assist victims of  landmines in the area.

“When we heard about the distress of people in Mudzi it was heart-breaking. We heard about the land mines which were planted by the Rhodesian Army and are still there 40 years later.

“There are a lot of people who have been disabled and are trying to survive. Some lost their parents and they are now orphans due to those land mines,” Lindsay said.

Mudzi North MP Constituency, Newton Kachepa hailed Starlight Global for showing love and concern for the people of his community.

He said as the leader, he was going to ensure that he gives as much support as he can to guarantee that the projects yield positive results.

Founder and Executive Director of Mudzi Orphans Trust Development, Robben Makazhu, said he was happy with the donation and hailed Starlight Global for the initiative.

“It’s very important to appreciate people who remember us and who are able to carry the burden for us in these difficult times. Our aim is to establish a goat project and we are going to assist in any possible way.

“The chief has already offered the land to carry out the project. We intend to purchase drugs, and procure fencing material to make sure that the goats will be safe from wild animals,” he said.

Starlight Global is a UK-based non-profit charity organization which is involved in a lot of developmental issues in Africa and empowerment of Africans. A group of 30 delegates are visiting Zimbabwe

Tendai Guvamombe