State Capture: Aleshina’s topping headline on illegal sale of land


By Loice Takarindwa (Court Reporter)

In a latest development ‘state capture’ has become a topping headline during court proceedings by Tatiana Aleshina who appears onbehalf of his boss, Kenneth Sharpe, currently based in Ukraine.

A notice of filling made by Allan Markham in the High Court of Zimbabwe Case No. HC425/2021 has revealed that Tatiana Aleshina kept on mentioning big names and government officials in her court defense onbehalf of foreign exiled Kenneth Sharpe.

She fingered Minister of Local Government , Permanent Secretary for the Ministry and subsequently followed by the visit to the State House during court proceedings.

“Tatiana Aleshina on behalf Augur Investment confesses that she was actively involved in pushing the Ministry of Local Government, its Minister and the Permanent Secretary, to actually visit the offices of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. She makes the shocking disclosure that it was in this meeting with Head of State that a settlement was ordered. A meeting which according to her was heard when court proceedings were taking place.”

According to Markham, Tatiana Aleshina used her influence to forge a forced deed of settlement in what has been termed as “State Capture”. Namedropping led her to unfairly finger public officials in her court defense.

“She is in fact saying that she uses her influence to extract a forced settlement on the City of Harare. This is State Capture. She is therefore unfairly and mendaciously, namedropping and fingering innocent public officials none more important than the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

The level of state capture displayed is more equivalent to say that the deed of settlement that enabled illegal transfer of land to Sharpe was made at State House.

“She is in fact saying to this honarable court that do not touch the Deed of Settlement. It was made at State House.”

More importantly is the mention of the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission(ZACC) which is said to have cleared her of criminal offenses.

“She claims the Anti Corruption Commission has cleared Augur Investments of any corruption.”


Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe