Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe speaks on close symptoms between COVID-19 and TB

Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe has shown concern in enlightening the citizens across the nation of the likeliness of symptoms between COVID-19 and TB. Urges all patients on TB treatment to continue adhering to the prescribed medications from their health centres.

In a Press Statement issued this Thursday, Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe intervened during the lockdown period to raise awareness in educating the general populace on the likeliness on the basic symptoms between TB and COVID-19 pandemic.

“People ill with COVID-19 and TB show similar symptoms such as cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. Both diseases attacks primarily the lungs therefore if you experience any of the symptoms quickly visit your nearest health facility for screening. We also hereby express the importance of ensuring all people presenting symptoms but tests negative for COVID-19 are further tested for TB.”

The Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) went on to assure of its continued symbiotic work relations with the relevant stakeholders such as Government and World Health Organization (WHO) among other players in the confines of health dimensions.

“As Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe we continue to work with Ministry of Health and Child Care through National TB Program (NTP) and World Health Organization (WHO Zimbabwe) to monitor the situation and to ensure quality TB services remain to all.”

The organization also urged all TB patients to continue accessing medication to their respective health centers in the midst of Lockdown period.

“We therefore advise all people on TB treatment including those taking TB Preventive Therapies to visit their nearest health facilities to collect their medicines.”

Tendai Guvamombe