Team Zimbabwe UK honors Peter Ndlobvu

International Sports Desk

Team Zimbabwe UK has honored Former Warriors of Captain Peter Ndlobvu with an Award of Excellence during the massive celebration party organized by the management over the weekend in United Kingdom.

In a Facebook post by Marshal Gore Chief Executive Officer of the Team UK Management on Sunday, Peter Ndlobvu is honored for the notable achievements he made for the development of football in Zimbabwe.

“Yesterday we honored former Zimbabwe Worriors Captain Peter Ndlobvu with an Award of Excellence for his tremendous contribution to Zimbabwean football over the years.”

Team Zimbabwe UK draws source of inspiration from Peter’s football carrier who rose to stardom through dedication and commitment. Also his humble character which inspires young footballers in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora.

“We take pride from Peter’s professional carrier and his serious commitment and dedication as a national team player. His humbleness, humility and generosity made him reach out to many making him becoming source of inspiration and role model to many young footballers in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora.”

Peter is the first African player to join the English Premier League and the longest serving EPL players.

Tendai Guvamombe