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There is a strong requirement for the pandemic exit strategy


By Clement Chirenje

The pandemic has presented such an existential crisis-such a stark reminder of the Global economy’s fragility(McKinsey).

Not since the second world war has it experienced such dramatic gyrations in GDP, nor such spike in uncertainty. This economic event has been made unusual by its unprecedented pace and scale combined with the amplification of trends it has ushered.

The economic situation today has been shaped by the pandemic-induced lockdowns as well as related changes in customers and business owner’s behaviour.

The business’s industry and it’s relative position in it will dictate the strength it requires to stay ahead of the trends, signals and competition.

The business’s Covid-19 exit strategy needs to deliver the following moves:

A clear direction and sufficient resource allocation to stay ahead of the trends.

A calibration that determines whether its moves are big enough to get it where it needs to be.

The confidence about its path to accelerating differentiation relative to competitors.

Where there are strategy gaps,this is the time to consider selective intervention by deploying strategy inserts.

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