Three MDC-A legislators attended Parly Business

By Kay Kaseke

Parliamentarians belonging to MDC Alliance were part of the Portfolio Committee on Lands , Agriculture and Rural Settlement hearing session on winter cropping season, a move that defied thier part orders.

This follows an annunciation made by MDC Vice Chairman Job Sikhala last week threatening to withdraw all MPs in response to the recalling of party big-wigs from parliament.

In an interview with Honarable Justi Mayor Wadyajena the Commitee chairperson said that most opposition MPs had sent apologies of absentia with some confirming that they feared victimization should they attend the parliamentary portfolio hearing.

“Some of the MDC-T MPs they have called and sent messages that they are being victimised by their superiors especially Hwende is going to their inboxes threatening them that if they attend this committee they are going to be expelled or recalled from parliament so most are sending messages apologising that they have run out of fuel, are going to funerals … ”

For a parliamentary committee to sit it needs at least the portfolio chairperson and three other members.

The opposition members that attended are the proportional representatives handpicked by the party and one that was voted in.

Hon Virginia Mafuta and Jane Makonya and Hon David Tekeshe representing Mokoni central.

The committee has ten(10) sitting opposition legislators.

Hon Makonya said that she was ejected from a party group by a Lililan Timveos on allegations that she is team Douglas Muonzora as they hail from the province.

Asked if Chamisa is still her president she answered “Inini ndirikumira ne Supreme court ruling ndoyandakmira nayo dzokerai ku congress”( I stand with the supreme court ruling that instructed us to go to congress)’

Makoni central MP David Tekeshe said that he was representing the people.

I don’t think am going against party directive there is Covid 19 pandemic which I can’t stay away I have got to come and represent my people this is the time they need me the most.

“Like the previous committee they were talking about food and problems were are encountering in the constituencies and me as an opposition we are facing a lot of problems like people are being selected and like so I had to highlight to the people in authority so that they can make good between people in different political parties.”

He attributed his failure to abide by party’s decision on the need to fulfill constitutional obligations in which the people he represent matters most.

“I am not in politics because I want to be an MP am in politics for the love of the people so I consulted my people and they said go to the committee”

Tendai Guvamombe