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Top ZPCS Officer, prisoners evict court official from Govt house

By Louis Dongo

BINDURA – A senior ZPCS has taken the law into her own hands after using prisoners to evict a court official from a government house in Bindura.

The dispute over occupation of the government house turned ugly on Tuesday when ZPCS Officer Commanding Mash Central Commissioner Charity Gezi who was recently appointed to the post forcefully evicted Bindura magistrates court Principal Prosecutor
Gosi Mudambu who occupied the house on 31 August after area prosecutor Munya Mataruse who previously occupied the house had resigned and relocated.

A video of the incident showing prisoners dismantling the locked door and throwing out property has since gone viral on social media.

A ZPCS officer only identified as Inspector Chipondeni was the one sent to do most of the donkey work.

Household property such as wardrobes was destroyed during the eviction while USD 10 000 belonging to Mudambu’s husband was allegedly stolen.

The case has since spilled into the courts with Mudambu securing an eviction order which saw the Sheriff gaining access to the house on Friday the 4 September and reinstating Mudambus. However the ZPCS commissioner Gezi defied the court order, hurriedly moving property into the house in contempt of court.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe