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Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango back in court for fraud and abuse of office


The court case for the embattled  Harare City Town Clerk, Eng Hosiah Chisango commenced last week.

He is  facing perjury charges.

This follows pressing charges filed  before the courts of law Georges  Katsimberis, renowned building contractor.


According to court documents seen by this publication, Chisango in his own capacity and representing City of Harare filed a falsely written statement in case HC 8943/18. He lied in an affidavit that there was no payment that was made to the 2nd accused person (Harare City Council) for approval of building plans which were attached to Katsimberis’ founding affidavit when infact a payment of US$3,707 had been processed.


“Hosiah Chisango in his personal capacity and as well as the Town Clerk representative of 2nd Accused jointly filed a false written statement in case HC 8943/18 knowingly or realizing that there was real risk or possibility that the statement was false.


“And lied in that affidavit that there was no payment that was made to the 2nd accused person for approval of building plans which were attached to the applicant’s founding affidavit in case HC 8943/19 when in actual a payment of US$3,797,00 was made to the 2nd Applicant for such approval,” reads the case outline.


Chisango also reportedly lied that the show house built by Katsimberis was built without approved building plans. This led to the demolition of Katsimberis’ show house he had build at Pokugara Properties valued at US$300,000.


Eng Chisango found himself in hot soup after President Emmerson Mnangagwa intensified the fight and stiffened his zero tolerance to corruption late last year as anger with his government grew over rampant corruption and economic mismanagement.


He was suspended soon after his arrest on the 10th of September 2020 during a Clerks meeting in Gweru when his shenanigans were bared.


Among some of the crimes reportedly committed, Chisango was charged with criminal abuse of office, bribery and fraud that stemmed from the illegal parcelling of stands in Kuwadzana, Harare. It is alleged that he converted an open space into 13 residential stands in Kuwadzana signed 13 offer letters for the stands which he sold and pocketed the money.


Additionally, Eng Chisango allegedly non-procedurally facilitated the allocation of two residential stands to his wife and a suspected girlfriend in the affluent suburbs of Harare without following due processes.

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