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#TrashHack Media Campaign makes inroads in Climate Change events


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The Trashhack Media Campaign is gaining momentum in Southern Africa as the Zimbabwe Sunshine Group (ZSG) is now making use of climate change related events in spearheading the idea of solid waste management to many young people.

The global campaign became topical during the proceedings of two important climate change events that took place in the Capital City last week.

Trashhack took center stage during a climate action demonstration held by the youth in Harare as they marched in solidarity with the events taking place at COP 26 in Glascow, Scotland.

As the young people were marching, they demanded Climate Justice as the implored their global leaders to make urgent move in mitigating the effects of climate change.

The youths demonstrated that they are now part of climate action as they are now scaling up waste management practices hence the #Trash Hack Campaign.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa, ZSG Head of Programmes Claris Mandoreba said the global campaign is now making inroads in the local climate change events as a way to increase its visibility to many people.

“We realized that the global campaign is a gamechanger on its own, hence we have taken the stance to make sure that it runs alongside various climate action programmes taking place in the country.”

According to Mandoreba, the campaign mode will be strategically enhanced across the Sunshine Network in Southern Africa and this will be effective in preaching the idea of waste management to everyone’s attention in the region.

“The campaign is not for Zimbabwe alone, the new strategy will eventually find its way across the whole region in Southern Africa hence it will then serve its purpose of knowledge sharing on waste management practices to many youths and everyone.”

Recently, ZSG hosted a capacity building workshop on waste management in the high residential suburbs of Mabvuku in Harare and the #Trashhack Campaign concurrently made its inroads.

TrashHack Global Compaign was launched by UNESCO three(3) week ago and is being implemented by Zimbabwe Sunshine Group(ZSG). The Sunshine Network across Southern Africa is spearheading the global campaign.

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