UK-Based golfers society donates to local charity

The Zimbabwe Amateur Golf Association (ZAGA), rolled out a cash and grocery donation to Esteemed Children’s Trust (ECT) centres in Epworth and Caledonia on Monday, in a move to meet some desperate needs faced by vulnurable and underpriviledged families.

The UK-based society, composed of golfing enthusiasts, made the donation to 40 families at the two ECT centres through the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) goodwill foundation.

ZAGA resolved to make charity initiatives at an AGM last year and partnered with ZAA to identify a charity to assist in Zimbabwe in their maiden donation as a collective at home communities, according to Wiz-Hudson Chipfakacha, ZAGA charity champion.

“We agreed at the AGM to identify charities to assist in different countries, particularly in these trying times. ZAGA is composed of members of different nationalities and we decided to make our first donation in Zimbabwe so we approached ZAA Foundation to assist in identifying a cause. We hope to continue making a positive impact in communities as a golfing society,” said Chipfakacha.

The ECT is a charity program run by Dr Madrine Mugwenhi-Chiku, which runs a number of projects including sponsorship and feeding programs for children who are faced by different life challenges.

ECT centres in Epworth and Caledonia have been conducting feeding programs and sending a number of children at various stages of education from ECD to tertiary, among other forms of assistance.

Dr Chiku expressed her gratitude at the gesture, especially as the country went into a stricter lockdown setting as Covid-19 infections surge.

“We are extremely grateful for this donation. Lately we have been facing various challenges in our operations but we thank God for partners and well-wishers and ZAA for always remembering us. Thank you so much to ZAGA and SIMBI LTD who have ensured that we meet school fees obligations and provide school stuff, sanitary wear and groceries for our children as we enter into lockdown, which is a challenging period for many,” she said.

The golfing society have been making efforts to assist others and recently made donations to a relief kitchen in Chitungwiza at the height of the lockdown in 2020.

The ECT donation was made from member contributions, which were matched by businessman Michael Chirashi of Simbi Ltd, who is also ZAGA charity rep.

The ZAA Foundation is a goodwill arm of the international awards brand and works towards meeting needs that arise in communities both abroad and back home.

Since its formation, ZAA Foundation has made donations and fundraisers for charities and philanthropic causes through identifying needs and sourcing help, ZAA Alumni initiatives, donations and other ventures.

Tendai Guvamombe