UN chief speaks on Zim crisis

United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has described the ongoing political impasse in Zimbabwe as confusing reiterating the body’s call for the situation to be handled peacefully.

In an interview with the BBC World Guterres stressed that he was against military involvement in politics and hoped that an agreeable political solution can be reached.

“Well, I never like to see the military involved in politics but I have to recognise it’s a confusing situation. I hope first of all that there is no bloodshed, that this is done peacefully.

“I hope that [it] will be able to lead to a political and democratic solution and that the next elections that are scheduled are free and fair elections for the people of Zimbabwe to choose their own future,” he added.

At the current state of affairs back in the Zimbabwe capital, Harare, the 93-year-old leader is locked in talks with the army. Reports indicate that he is being asked to step down as leader to allow for transition into the post-Mugabe era.

The talks include Mugabe, the army, a delegation from the South African government and the Catholic Church.

Citizens await an announcement from the meeting on the way forward even though the country has largely been peaceful since the army took over on Wednesday.


Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa