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vernacular languages key in communicating COVID-19 pandemic: Beitbridge MP

By Kay Kaseke

Beitbridge East legislator Cde Albert Nguluvhe joined the COVID-19 risk communication team in the constituency to relay messages in the local languages on coronavirus that should prevent further transmission of the pandemic which is currently a global crisis.

Currently the country has recorded 56 positive cases with 25 recoveries and 4 deaths.

Cde Nguluvhe earlier this week in the fight against the pandemic distributed pamphlets printed in the various languages spoken in the constituency for easy access to information on how to prevent the virus, concentrating more on areas along the Limpopo river where border jumping is rampant.

“I joined the Beit Bridge Covid 19 Risk Communication Task in educating ward 5 about the awareness on Coronavirus.. The good thing is that pamphlets written in local languages which are Venda, Shangaani and Shona were distributed. This was a welcome development. We shall continue with the program especially along the Limpopo River where there is a lot of illegal border crossings.”

Cde Nguluvhe encouraged other legislators to always go back to the grass roots as he was joined by chief Matibe in educating the people on the virus.

“Yesterday was with BEIT Brigde Covid 19 Risk Communication Task force at Ward 1 which encompasses Chikwarakwara, Chipise and Chituripasi. We were also joined by Chief Matibe , we continue to distribute the message in local languages- Venda and Shaangani.”

Meanwhile he visited Lesanth in Ward 13 where he donated 3000 fingerlings to support villagers in that area who are into fish farming at Lesanth Dam.

“This project will help the community to raise funds for infrastructure development in that area and also boost incomes for them at household level. I sourced the fish from Mr Terry Mulowa and will continue engaging more players to assist communities with life changing projects.”

Cde Nguluvhe encouraged those wishing to carryout developmental projects at community level and need assistance to contact him.

Tendai Guvamombe