Vincent Tsvangirai in surprise stance on Zim Sanctions

By Kay Kaseke

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Member of Parliament representing Glen View south,Vincent Tsvangirai has moved away from his party’s stance after admitting that economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by America and its allies are hurting the ordinary Zimbabweans.

He said this responding to Broad Alliance Against Sanctions a group of activists who presented oral evidence in parliament while petitioning parliament over the western sanctions.

The MDC has always refuted that there are economic sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai said whilst there may be proposals for the Patriotic Act there was need to protect citizens.

“My fear is that it the act (Patriotic Act) may sound good to put an act like that, for one, I am a patriotic person who believes that sanctions do hurt ordinary persons but at the same time making an act like that I believe sometimes you may end up opening citizens to further harm.

“There are other ways like you said they are targeted sanctions correct, we want to find out who are the targeted people on those sanctions. Then are they economic sanctions and what are they dealing with those economic sanctions. I believe they should go in this day and age they don’t help anything if you look at every other countries out there in the world. Look at all the statistics that are out there they don’t help with anything, you may target one person but that person is never targeted and that person will continue with their lives,” said Tsvangirai.

Sally Ngoni the group spokesperson who is originally from Bulawayo and a holder of an Honours Degree in Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies and a Diploma in Environmental Health said citizens suffer because of the illegal sanctions which were imposed by the American Federal government.

She called upon the unconditional removal of sanctions .

“Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe because of democracy but there is no absolute democracy in the world
She said the land reform programme is the real reason behind sanctions but are using democracy and fake abductions as human rights abuses to continue imposing sanctions.

The group also revealed that they had been offered by the American ambassador cars and houses if they camped outside Africa Unity Square Mhunumutapa and statehouse.

Tendai Guvamombe