Violence threatens Cameroon polls

Rescue workers search through the rubble following a landslide in Bafoussam Cameroon, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019. Cameroon on Monday deployed rescue workers and its military to search the wreckage of houses hit by a landslide that killed more than a dozen people overnight in the western village of Bamoungoum, near the regional capital Bafoussam. (AP Photo/Leclerc Tsakem)

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Cameroon polls are just around the corner and the pleasant artmophere is not a pleasing one.

This comes at the back of a poor turnout in Cameroon’s long-delayed parliamentary and local elections on Sunday.

This is likely to culminate in a serious partial boycott and violence.

Reports coming from the Central and West African nation indicate that English-speaking regions where there has been violent unrest for several years, clashes were reported in the town of Muyuka and witnesses reported hearing gunfire in the city of Buea and Kuma town.

Earlier in the week, separatist fighters in the Anglophone heartlands ordered a lockdown and some residents fled their homes for fear of possible confrontation between the militants and security forces.

Voter turnout appeared to be low in part of the capital
While there was less disruption to voting in the country’s French-speaking regions, AFP news agency said there were no crowds outside polling stations in one area of the capital, Yaoundé.
The opposition MRC party refused to put up candidates and called for a boycott of the poll.
The party leader’s Maurice Kamto was jailed for nine months after losing the 2018 presidential election and now lives abroad.
Commentators believe there is no chance of President Paul Biya’s RDPC party losing control of parliament.

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