WAO Conference maps strategic plans for Africa

By Tendai Guvamombe (Harare)

The just ended conference on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Value Addition for Business Competitiveness and Su0stainable Development in Africa has put forward strategic plans for Africa.

The long term development plans are expected to spearhead awareness and appreciation of Intellectual Property in Africa  and to uphold international practices.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News, Fernando Dos Santos Director General of Africa Regional Intellectual Property  said the just ended IP Conference came up with strategic recommendations which include work plan for next five years, revisiting IP laws awareness creation and innovation skills support.

“The  conference came up with work plan for Africa in the next five years and this will look at five major priority areas and these looks at our  IP laws and policies, the need of awareness creation and capacity building.”

“There is also need to support innovation skills for the development of skills and there has been also a call to establish technology transfer offices.”

The recommendations came amid delegates at the conference cited low IP appreciation in the continent as compared to the developed countries such as Japan where Intellectual property programmes are imbedded with the new industrial revolution.

According to  Dos Santos  it is against this background that spearheaded the Tripartite Agreement between ARIPO, OAPI and WIPO with a curtis call to bring together Africa’s minds to uphold IP Global practices.

“The whole idea is to bring together Africa’s minds to adopt international practices and this is one fundamental area  set to be achieved through the Tripartite Agreement.”

Tendai Guvamombe