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War veterans ‘expel’ Mugabe as leader

By Staff Reporter

THE Chris Mutsvangwa (pictured) led war veterans said Wednesday they have expelled President Robert Mugabe as party leader as they vowed to reclaim Zanu PF from their leader and his allies.

They accuse the President of a slew of offences, among them, attempts to create a family “dynasty” through elevating his wife into being his successor.

“We are stating in no uncertain terms that we have completely disowned Mugabe. He is nolonger one of us…we are in complete defiance of his leadership of the revolutionary Zanu PF,” said the war veterans group in a statement.

“We are reclaiming our party and its assets. He is free to go and form his G40 party and his receptionist wife and G40 cabal. The Patriotic Front belongs to us, it is ours.

“If he wants, he can resuscitate FROLIZI since that was his original and real party. In the true spirit of Mgagao, we say it is time to throw into the dustbin those who have betrayed the spirit of the revolution.

“As such, we have expelled Robert Gabriel Mugabe from his position as the President and First Secretary of our revolutionary Zanu PF with immediate effect.

“In the same manner we have fired Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Phelekezela Mphoko, Saviour Kasukuwere, Ignatius Chombo and Patrick Zhuwao from the revolutionary Zanu PF with immediate effect.”

The war veterans said they will soon form a Revolutionary Council to guide the party in the interim.

Their defiant stance follows months of a bitter fall out they have had with the Zanu PF leader.

This comes in the wake of Mugabe’s shock decision Monday to sack Emmerson Mnangagwa as Vice President over claims he was plotting a silent coup against him.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa