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Warvets exposes Kazembe’s rigging attempts


By Loice Takarindwa

War Veterans in Mashonaland Central Province are at loggerheads with ZANU PF Provincial Chairperson Kazembe Kazembe whom they criticize of trying to rig elections in order to cling on to his current position.

This comes amid, the revolutionary party is preparing for provincial elections.

In Mashonaland Central Province it never rains for Kazembe Kazembe who is being criticized for multiple party failures and this has seen the province existing in fragmentation.

In the recent development, the warvets launched a direct attack on Kazembe Kazembe after he convening a Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) which he chaired.

It came out that he co-opted four members of which three are said to be his allies, spotlighted to fight in his camp.

A source from Mash Central said the way Kazembe Kazembe convened the PEC on Sunday to advance his interests.

“We were surprised that Kazembe only called for a PEC meeting without informing us of the agenda and when we got there we were surprised that he was in a hurry to co-opt four members to the provincial positions.”

Sam Parirenyatwa launched a direct attack on Kazembe Kazembe who maintained that Kazembe Kazembe is in an attempt to rig elections. Core options is a major tool to align members favorable to him.
A leaked whatspp chat showed Parirenyatwa fuming at the way PEC was held.

“The issue about co-options at the Sunday PEC is not about who brought this to this and other platforms. What needs to be answered and clarified is whether what is said is true or not. Chairman accepts that people were co-opted at the just ended PEC. If that is true, then the province is defying a party position that since the party is currently restructuring, co-options should stop.”

“In any event, what’s the essence of co-opting when the party has undertaken a restructuring exercise? It is clear from the manner in which these co-options were done that “pane vanhu varikuronga chinhu chavo” against the will of the people and party. Our memory brings us back to the time of the G40 machinations. We now have the G40 modus operandi. Let’s remind ourselves about what the President and first Secretary of our party said, in the interest of unity and forging ahead as a party and as a nation, ‘let bye-gones be bye-gones, forgive but don’t forget.’We forgave the G40s but we haven’t forgotten.”

Amid all this, Kazembe Kazembe responded saying the manner in which he convened the Provincial Election Committee (PEC) was above board.

“I don’t normally comment on social media but the abuse of my name is getting out of hand. There are one or two people who always choose to mislead people and abuse my name.”

“We had PEC yesterday which was constituted properly and in accordance with the party constitution . The suggestion to fill in gaps in the organ came from PEC members and was unanimously agreed to. The suggestion did not come from the chairman . All the cooptions were done by PEC and not the chairman . And this is constitutional. The chairman simply chaired the meeting and the committee made all the decisions according to its constitutional mandate. This was done simply to make sure that basa remusangano rienderere mberi in view of the upcoming conference and ongoing restructuring exercise. It was also acknowledged that elections in all organs are coming very soon but meanwhile basa rinofanira kuitwa. People who were in the meeting can confirm that all decisions were debated and agreed upon by the meeting.”

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