White farmer fined for calling employee a witch


A GERMAN farmer based in Mvurwi was fined a beast last week at Chief Makope traditional caught after he indicated one of his employee a witch before firing her.

Cean Philip pleaded guilty to the charge and was slapped with a bovine fine to be paid in two weeks.

According to Chief Makope Phillip gave a letter of dismissal his farm worker after other workers were no longer coming to work in protest of the complainant whom they accused of sending goblins that were tormenting them.

“I fined the German man after he pleaded guilty to the charge saying he dismissed the complainant after her colleagues were protesting against her labelling her a witch and since he wanted progress on his farm he fired her to please his workers telling her that she was no longer welcome since she had goblins,” Makope said.

It is further alleged that the husband to the complainant who was also fired previously had to call Phillip questioning the dismissal of his wife and was told that because she had goblins.

“The husband to the complainant who was her witness on the case told the court that he called Philip to enquire why he dismissed his wife unfairly and he said because she had goblins.”

Meanwhile, chief makope warned people to desist from calling each other witches in their communities.

“People should live in harmony and never label each other as witches as that creates uncessary conflicts in the society.”

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe