Whites are the safest people in South Africa: Malema

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said white genocide was a fake notion and white people in the country have nothing to fear.

Speaking to eNCA’s Cathy Mohlahlana on ‘As It Happens’, Malema said the EFF was simply addressing issues that people are often uncomfortable to speak about openly.

“Civil war, which will happen in this country, will not be as a result of Malema saying one or two things, it will be out of the frustration our people are confronted with.

“There is a serious problem of underdevelopment… of not sharing the resources of this country and the whites becoming richer and the blacks poorer, we ought to confront it, be honest about it, we must not be scared and the generations after us will thank us.

“White people in South Africa are the safest people. There are no people in South Africa that are more safe than white people. They are untouchable,” said Malema.

“If a white person dies, in the farm or anywhere in the suburbs, it becomes news and we forget that thousands of black people die every day and do not receive the similar attention because of privilege.

“There is no white person who is threatened, they know it is a discourse, they know it is robbers at times, it can be scary at times, that’s what democracy is about.

“I say that under my leadership, I don’t see the EFF engaged in any form of racial or white genocide, it will never happen,”

Malema slammed President Ramaphosa for failing to lead the country effectively and said the EFF was not threatened by the president.

He questioned the rationale of people saying that the ascension of Ramaphosa to the presidency of the ANC would result in the EFF increasingly becoming irrelevant.

“How does the EFF become irrelevant because the EFF is on the lips of everybody since Ramaphosa came in?” Malema said.

“Ramaphosa is no threat to the EFF. He is the most irrelevant person. His biggest problem is Zuma, so we are smooth sailing because Zuma is doing the work for us. Ramaphosa is over-exaggerated.

“I like Ramaphosa because he wants to remain Mr Clean, and the only way to be Mr Clean is becoming indecisive. In the absence of not taking any decision, we come in and provide leadership.

“The over-exaggerated Ramaphosa has been trailing behind the EFF over the land issue. We are now on the Reserve Bank. Ramaphosa is no threat to the EFF at all.”

Speaking on Floyd Shivambu’s comments about Treasury deputy-general Ismail Momoniat, Malema said they had been taken out of context.

“Let’s take the recent issue of Floyd, where he says Momo undermines Africans. He’s putting emphasis on the fact that there’s from time to time a temptation from our Indian brothers and sisters to think they are superior to Africans,” said Malema.

“It’s not of their own creation. Apartheid instilled that mentality. We are not alienating anyone, we are just speaking the truth and that truth needs to be confronted as it is.”


Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa