World Environment Day attributes

World Environment Day

By Robert Chiwadzwa

Welcome to the world environment day with R. Chiwaz Jnr.
You have all heard of the various things that have ascertain the environment.
You have heard of the political environment.
Where the term environment is used deliberately to suit the flowing of events.
You have also heard of the economic environment,
To which the stamina of nations to produce or not, is attributed to the economic environment.
You have heard of the social environment,
As another discipline where the term environment is used gigantically.
You have also heard of the technological environment,
In which the logical metamorphosis of technological issues are qualified to mean the environment.
You have all heard of the legal environment,
An environment where the moral squint of law makers has found much dominance.
You have also heard of the international environment,
And this is where the world relations issues are propagated.
All these, of course makes sense in the eyes
Of every organic intellectuals.
However, on a day like this they do not stand the equation.
Today, is the world environment day.
Comemorating the physical environment,
Synonymously known as the ecological environment.
It is a day for the physical world,
In which we all dwell and exist on.
This environment deserve the care, support and kindness of us all.
Unlike the aforesaid environments,
Which gives us instability, classes, bondage, phobia and embargoes.
This environment has been kind to us.
It give us vegetation, water bodies, latitude to build shelters and to produce food.
This environment is so precious to us!
Play your part to protect this environment,
I have just played my own part here.
Happy world environment day!

Robert Chiwadzwa is a Young Environmentalist who writes on his own capacity

Tendai Guvamombe