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World richest traditional healer reacts to Bill Gates’ COVID-19 vaccine

By Staff Reporter

The richest Indigenous Medical Practitioner in the world, Sekuru Banda has reacted to USA’s billionaire Bill Gates for his alleged generous desire to have the new Coronavirus vaccine tested in Africa.

The prominent traditional healer labeled the purported move as intolerable and wrong to the African world, adding that any form of invention regarding COVID-19 cure has to go under validation by World Health Organization before cascading to rest of the world.

“Africans should not be used as an experiment ground for vaccines invented outside the continent, it is wrong and should not be tolerated,” said Sekuru Banda.

Sekuru Banda, a revered indigenous medical practitioner questioned Bill Gates’ generous intentions to use Africans as an experimenting grounds for the COVID-19 at a time when the continent is the least affected by the Global pandemic.

Sekuru Banda is mainly worried about the disastrous implications that would arise if African continent is subjected to Gates’ alleged COVID-19 vaccines.

“Experiments can go otherwise and lead to death of people if not done properly and that could be the reason why they do not want to test it among their folks,” added Sekuru Banda.

He appreciates the positive efforts done by the Government of Zimbabwe in consultation with World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

“We appreciate steps taken by government in partnership with WHO to curb the spread of COVID-19, the decision by government to declare a lockdown is also an important move to address the challenge of this deadly virus, we are confident that this lockdown will successfully curb the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

Dr Banda’s remarks follows another message of warning believed to have been issued by US former President Barack Obama regarding COVID-19 vaccine. The message which is awash on social media condemns the developed world in allowing COVID-19 vaccine to be experimented in Africa.

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