Youth Related Initiatives to Scale-Up Climate Change Action

Tendai Guvamombe(Darwendale)

Prompted by the devastating effects of climate change and the need to find ways to mitigate its impact Young Volunteers for Environment (YVE) has come up with a number of initiatives aimed at protecting the environment without compromising the future generation.

Earlier this week different stakeholders attended the Climate Change Workshop on Circular Economy in Darwendale organized by Climate Change Department in partnership with UNDP, which was attended by the youth.

YVE Executive Director Lauretta Marembo said in a presentation that her organization is determined to take part in Climate orientated actions in line with Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #13 which calls for urgent need to rescue the globe before its too late.

“As Young Volunteers for Environment (YVE) we are concerned about the environment which we believe is now under threat from the current challenges poised by climate change, our objectives are to become climate action major participants, by doing so we are preparing for a brighter future for the youth”,

“ Paris Agreement on Climate Change of 2015 and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) both have longterm objectives which anchors on the needs and expectations of us youth and the future generation therefore it is our obligation to ensure an environment in which young people are safe from the effects of climate chenge.”

YVE was among different sectors that attended Capacity Building Training on Circular Economy and had the opportunity to showcase thier vision to different stakeholders.

This include raising awareness to the young people particularly school children to have a better appreciation of environmental issues, recycling projects and climate change awareness drive.

“ Though we are still a young organization as YVE we have been closely working with various schools in communities raising awareness to allow them to become environmentally active and encouraging them to enter into projects like recycling of waste as another way to meet the latest requirements of Climate Action.”

However, the youth organization has been grappling with financial challenges which are a limiting factor in allowing them to take thier initiatives to down trodden communities.

In an interview with Diana Tapedzanyika, YVE Spokesperson, said despite thier organization made some positive strides in many aspects of youth, they have not been able to fulfill some of thier objectives due to lack of financial resources.

“We have been able to engage various schools in a number of youth programs that are of environmental interests, for exmple last month our crew was at Seke Secondary School where we had the opportunity to teach them on how to make use of accumulating cabbage into waste management.”

“Despite these efforts , lack of financial resources has been the major limiting factor for us to expand our activities to different parts of the country especially rural areas.”

In developed countries various organizations have set up youth initiatives in the quest to make them participate in many activities of climate action.

Tendai Guvamombe