Youth With Disability makes positive strides in Manhenga


By Tendai Guvamombe(Bindura)

Youths With Disabilities in Manhenga’s Bindura Rural District under Chief Masembure says they have learnt a lot through DAPP’s capacity building programmes in realizing their rights under UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Last week Thursday Spotlight Online News Africa(SONA) visited Bindura Rural Communities of Manhenga where Development Aid from People to People(DAPP) initiated capacity building to Youth With Disabilities (YWDs).

A number of Youths With Disabilities(YWDs) are currently engaging into self sustainance projects the likes of live stock production, poultry and among various local activities.

Calvin Mupfururirwa Manhenga YWD Treasurer said most youths have moved away from traditional models of living and are into self employment projects which gives them freedom and independence.

“We were down and segregated , because of DAPP programmes we are well equiped with what UNCRPD says regarding our rights. As young people with disabilities we now know were to get assistance. We are no longer ashamed of our disability condition. Most of us are self employed. Gardening, livestock production, poultry are some of the projects we are engaging,” he said.

Shebenia Gunyere Manhenga Community Headman under Chief Masembure said traditional leaders are now embracing the rights of people with disabilities and youth initiatives in Manhenga will be a mile stone achievement to the disability community.

“We were in the dark but DAPP engaged us to realize the importance of observing the rights of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). Today as traditional leaders we are in full support of the self employment activities of our youths in the community. We are proud of them,” he said.

Bigboy Nyakudya a Councilor in Manhenga District said there is a programme meant to empower Youths With Disabilities (YWDs) in the area.A project called Enterprise is meant to empower young people with disabilities.

“YWDs, are now understanding their rights and aware of disability issues. We have a project called enterprise , youth are given chickens to sell.”

Apart from this, the council is also planning to have disability youth representatives included during full council meetings, games and various community projects.

“As council we also planning to have them included during full Council meetings. Apart from this we are planning to include representatives of disability youths to initiate various activities and projects.”

Tendai Guvamombe