Youth X Violence castigates planned demos


By Political Correspondent

Following the ongoing speculations purporting the imminent uprise against the government, Youth X Violence has warned all the young people in the country from participating in activities that may orchastrate into political instability.

This has been revealed by Alex Gakanje Youth X Violence Core frontman at a Press Conference held today in the Capital.

According to Gakanje Youth X Violence is greatly purtubed by the likelihood of political instability to be neccesiated by the planned demonstrations .

“As members of Youth X Violence we are very worried by the rising tension within the political body, characterized by the threat of demonstrations which we hear are set for any time beginning this January 2020.”

The youth initiative is also concerned about the heavy presence in the CBD saying violence disturbs peace and is there to destroy the masses.

“We are also concerned by the ever presence of Police details in every corner in the CBD which is not healthy and frightens us as youth, but let me hasten to say that violence will not benefit anyone but everyone will lose in one way or another.”

According to Gakanje the violent scenes which took place around same time last year should be averted as the government met a huge expenditure in rebuilding the lost properties adding that that available resources should be chanelled towards national development other than to heal wounds of violence.

“Let me remind the nation that during the January 2019 illegal insurectional demonstrations, 2000 arrests were made, over 50 people were convicted and some lives lost but the government responded with $30m to recapacitate the businesses. That money could have been uses for other projects.”

Youth X Violence has team members numbering to 150 youths drawn from access 29 constituencies in Harare and the greater representation is said to come from ZANU PF, MDC, MDC T, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe among others

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe