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ZANU PF’s Director of Information speaks on the visit to Tino Katsande



By Staff Reporter


ZANU PF’ Director of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi as explained the recent visit by the part’s youth league to the former Studio 263 Actress, Tinopona Katsande whose images holding crates of eggs has gone viral.


Tafadzwa Mugwadi’s visit comes amid members of the public took on social media negatively commenting on Katsande’s newly found business.


Speaking to Spotlight Online News on Thursday, Mugwadi said their visit to the youthful actress was driven by the need to empower young people in their business endevours.


“All that we were doing was to demonstrate that we can support Tinopona Katsande just like any other young person in this country as an empowering organization. The support given can change an individual’s life and we know and hope that Tinopona Katsande’s new venture into business is going to inspire other young people in this country who have nothing to do or who feel there is really nothing for them to do.”


The youth league purchased 65 crates of eggs and promised to continue with the support on young people wishing to venture into businesses. According to Mugwadi the visit was a gesture of support.



“We demonstrated the support by purchasing 65 crates of eggs that is six boxes. We did that whole heartedly not as a public posture but as a gesture of support, others will come and support them on the same gesture.”


Meanwhile Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba through his tweeter handle @Jamwanda has also pledged to support the Studio 263 former actress.


[@Jamwanda “Tino, if you follow this exchange , deliver three crates to Munhumutapa to Munhumutapa for Jamwanda a.k.a George Charamba! Do so this morning #Famba Tino” ]


Early this year President Mnangagwa told youth and members of the public that; they should ,


“Stop shouting in streets and make money”.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe