ZFTU Secretary General warns Development Partners

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Union (ZFTU) Secretary General Kennias Shamhuyarira has warned developement partners not to interfere in the political dispute of the country. Says should concentrate on providing humanitarian assistance.

Shamuyarira made the utterances during a Panel Discussion on Labor and Consumers this Thursday at the POLAD Economic Summit held in the Capital.

He said development partners should not bring agendas from their countries to rock division among the people but should concentrate on rendering humanitarian aid to the country.

“Your Excellences and everyone here present allow me to say this today, I will talk less but I am going to say more.”

“Let me warn you development partners who are here in this POLAD Economic Summit that, please do not come here with your planned issues from your countries to rock division among us, when you come here you are coming to help not to assist widening the divisions existing among us, yours is just to help and that’s it,” he said.

Shamhuyarira made the direct warning in the presence of the members of the Diplomatic Community, UNDP and the World Bank.

Tendai Guvamombe