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Zim Police arrests 200 teenagers dead drunk at a house party

Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of 200 teenagers having a house party in Harare’s Westgate Suburbs this Saturday.

ZRP confirmed yesterday via its Twitter handle (Zimbabwe Republic Police @police zimbabwe saying the arrest took place at number 344 Mukwa Drive Westgate Harare. During time of arrest the 200 were reported drunk.

“Breaking News, ZRP has arrested 200 teenagers who were having a party at number 344 Mukwa Drive Westgate Harare in open contravention of Government’s COVID-19 regulations. Some of the teenagers are dead drunk. More details to follow.”

This comes amid high fears of escalation of COVID- Cases in the country and this have seen the government intensifying a tighter lockdown period.
Tendai Guvamombe