Zim urged to grow regional trade market


Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe has been urged to extend its trade frontiers to the regional market amid low trade visibility with fellow African countries.

Zim Trade’s Regional Manager Similo Nkala made the remarks while making a presentation on Malawi, Angola and Namibia Dissemination Survey today in the Capital.

“As Zim Trade we have find a route for Zimbabwe to open export markets available in Angola. And for us to grow the opportunies Zimbabwe need to build a reputation of its own that identifies its brand in the foreign market.”

According to the Regional Market survey conducted by Zim Trade indicate that Zimbabwe have little engagement in the Angolan market which is currently dominated by the South America and European markets.

“Key findings obtained from the market survey revealed that no Zimbabwean products are found in Angola’s Market despite few engagement with Zimbabwean meat and mazoe.”

“Angola’s shell space is occupied by Portugal, Spain and Brazil with less African engagements.”

It is recommended that Zimbabwean Campanies needs to send catalogues and price list in order to penetrate the Angolan market.

Apart from this there is the need for marketing budget for each product as they are being introduced in the market.

Angola’s trade have grown well with a Gross Domestic Product of 3.4 billion per capita in an average population of 30 million.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe