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Zim -women embraces innovation initiatives


Traditionally the society is said to be patriarchal, a perspective which restricts women from progressing in their various endeavors and enrichment.

This time the tables have turned upside down, the game for success has completely changed as Zim-women are now up to shift their focus from just being women to innovators.

In the preceding month powerful women converged in the capital at a women’s mentorship forum under the banner ‘RedLipstic Revolution’ , an idle program program meant to emancipate suppressed women.

The women’s fellowship is driven by high spirited individuals who are also deeply in various Christian ministries as pastors, evangelists in their God fearing nature.

Dr Reverend Abigail Magwenzi Founder Red-Lipstick Revolution a woman who used own vast business empires and had an early come back after finding her desires in the newly found initiative.

“The current situation we are facing as a country now requires today’s woman to act with determination in order to overcome various challenges of stress, emotions, depression , sorrow and sometimes suicide.”

Among the initiatives include the 8Bs a program which moulds women to become better individuals and the women conference to be held in Beijing next year


Tendai Guvamombe