Zimbabwe Citizens Forum Leads Anti-Sanction Youth Discussion

Zimbabwe Citizens Forum yesterday hosted a progressive youth dialogue in Mbare’s Stodart Hall to discuss the impact of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the United States of America.

In an interview with SpotLight Online News Alex Gakanje Chairperson of Zimbabwe Citizens Forum said the workshop was part of the national agenda to enlighten all youth to understand the background and the effects sanctions imposed on Zimbabweans.

“The Anti-Sanctions Workshop is part of a our national programmes to conscientise all patriotic youth and citizens to grasp the nature, causes and effects of the targeted sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States of America and her western allieds.”

“The effects of these sanctions are affecting everyone in the country including the government itself and its high time that we the youth as the future generation join hands together to fight a common cause,” he said.

Linda Masarira President of Labour Economists and African Democrats and a panelist to the dialogue forum said the so called targeted sanctions has missed thier intended target as they are now hitting hard on ordinary Zimbabweans.

“Indeed the sanctions were targeted but I personally think that they have missed thier target because the onces who are purported to have been targeted are living a good life and everything seems to be going well for them.”

“Its pitty to note that they are affecting ordinary Zimbabweans to the extent that they cannot afford a proper basic life care, even to uplift themselves. Again levels of poverty have gone high with many people failing to afford a descent lifestyle.”

Sybeth Musengezi Projects Co- Coordinator at Resource Steel and Construction reiterated that sanctions are discouraging foreign investment to the country a predicament that has a negative effects on youth in business and entrepreneurship.

“Sanctions are negatively affecting the growth of business initiatives by the youth in the country and this is attributed to the fact that foreign investors are largely discouraged by the situation at hand in the country.”

Youth from different political parties were in solidarity holding posters displaying Anti-Sanctions campaign massages reading, ´Sanctions are a lose lose/ Cooperation is a win win.’

Tendai Guvamombe