Zimbabwe Citizens Forum reacts to Ngarivhume’s 31st Demo

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe Citizens Forum has labelled Jacob Ngarivhume as corrupt and a failure who does not deserve attention from members of the public ahead of the purported July 31 protests.

Zimbabwe Citizens Forum Coordinator, Taurai Kandishaya said this during a Press Conference in the Capital on Tuesday.

“People should check the background of the person who is inciting for the purported demonstrations before they follow him. Frankly speaking, Ngarivhume is a person characterized by failures in the past. He is being bribed and funded by foreign embassies to incite public violence through demonstrations and we are saying Zimbabweans should refuse to be used by such a person.”

According to Kandishaya, ordinary citizens will not listen to Ngarivhume because he failed to secure votes during the last Harmonized Elections. Therefore his planned demonstrations are considered futile.

“What lessens should fellow citizens get from Ngarivhume? He is nothing and for the record’s sake he only get 2000 votes in the harmonized elections and what confidence does he has that the whole country will follow him on the 31st July?”

Tendai Guvamombe