Zimbabwe: Gvt uged to prioritize young girls on sanitary wear to achieve SDG targets


By Staff Repoter

Zimbabwe is among other nations around the globe to uphold Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which calls for the inclusion of everyone despite gender, race and ethinicity .

Women and young girls have been lately spotted to be among the marginalized groups that requires urgent attention in terms of health and sanitary ware.

Current researches conducted are showing that women and young girls in mainly in developing world such as Africa are getting affected by the unavailability and high costs of sanitary wear. Such a predicament is affecting their daily livelihoods.

The Aids and Arts Foundation Zimbabwe (TAAF) a civic organization that works with Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) has challenged the Government to prioritize young girls and women in their health and sanitary ware.

This was reavelaed late last week by Emmanuel Gasa Executive Director TAAF Zimbabwe when the Civic Organization was distributing sanitary ware in Caledonia with the help of Johnson’s family as partners.

“The government particularly Ministry of Health and Child Care and Ministry of Labour and Social Services , Ministry of Local Governments should have a meaningfully synchronized engagement so that when disasters hit the nation, collectively the three ministries should prioritize young girls and women, even the disabled people especially in marginalized communities.”

The call came at a time when young girls in undersaved communities are finding it difficulty to travel to their nearest schools. It is against this background that TAAF Director urges to collectively work together in the quest to improve the livelihoods of marginalized sections.

“When we look at SDG number 4 talks about quality education to all learners and it is from this basis that we urge in our own context that ministries should integrate to bring the best for young women and we should be seeing line ministries working hand in glove with Ministry of Education so that when reforms are being made in undersaved societies young girls who travel long distances to their nearest schools will be also be catered.”

“SDG number 17 encourages partnership for the goals so in order for us achieve our country’s targets we need to prioritize funding for all our sustainable development goals so that our communities will always get the necessary attention they need.”

Some countries in the developed world are properly funding various initiatives that support them in achieving their Sustanable Development Goals.

Tendai Guvamombe