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Zimbabwe: Mliswa under fire

By Paul Ndou

Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has been attacked on micro blogging Twitter after accusing MDC councillors as corrupt and should not focus on ZANUPF big wigs who were allegedly named and shamed by ZANU PF youths.

“Before focusing on @ZANUPF Official corruption,@MDCAllianceZW should do something about it’s corruption within @ZANUPF Official ranks should be ignored no, but approach with clean hands,” reads Mliswa’s tweet.

“Your tweet is so right Sir.In the same vein kindly return Westwood his property l think that’s the right thing to do, ” tweeted one user Tanaka.

Another user Okem said “Is a corrupt person allowed to say something about corruption Mr Mliswa?”

Osca Dzingira defended MDC officials saying they are the minority.

“MDC doesn’t have a majority,let’s deal with the big fish first tozotevera small fish.”

“Kana dziri nyaya dzecorruption nyararai Honourable,” said Prince Tinoe.

Mliswa is alleged to have illegally seized Paul Westwood’s company on December 18 2009 and took his property worth £ 1 Million.

Tendai Guvamombe