Zimbabwe records slight improvement on working relations with US,

By Diplomatic Correspondent

Zimbabwe is in the process to reamend relations with the western world especially the United States of America.

This came to light during a meeting held between Zimbabwe’s Deputy President Kembo Mohadi and Us Ambassador Brian Nichols early his week.

Speaking to the press VP briefed of the progress made between the two countries in areas of humanitarian support and political reforms.

“We had a very good interaction with His Excellency the Ambassador of the US to Zimbabwe. We discussed a number of issues that include reforms in terms of legislation, the legislative reforms and we also discussed electoral reforms and drought mitigation,” said VP Mohadi.
“The US has been pleased to provide Zimbabwe with the assistance since the inception of our independence and they continue to do so in the area of education particularly and health and also agriculture, which is food mitigation.
“So we are still going to be cooperating with them. We might have had hiccups here and there, but that sometimes happens even at family level, you have such things but it doesn’t mean we are not communicating or we are not dialoguing. We will continue dialoguing and get to where we understand each other better and everything else will be ok.”

In his remarks, Ambassador Nichols said: “The VP explained some of the political and economic reforms that this Government is pursuing but we all need to see the concrete outcome of that process in order to have a closer relationship at a government-to-government level. But that being said, we have agreed to maintain our channels of communication open and I hope he will indulge me in the future to meet me so that we can continue with this dialogue.”

Ambassador Brian Nichols hinted that the dialogue went a long way in foreseeing issues surrounding progress made so far on reforms and the country’s strategy with regard to the current drought scenario that have been bedievling different parts of the country.

“It was a courtesy call to check in with His Excellency, the Vice President on the current situation but more specifically to continue our dialogue on issues of food security, mitigating drought, linking with the effects of Cyclone Idai and to discuss the important economic reforms that Zimbabwe is pursuing and will be central to finding a lasting solution to the challenges that this country faces and I reiterated our commitment to the welfare to the people of Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Nichols.
“It was also about understanding what the Government of Zimbabwe would be providing in terms of food assistance, appropriate reforms, to ensure that the agricultural sector is able to progress and this will enable us to formulate our assistance package going forward.
“So we look forward to the Vice President and his team following up with more specifics on the district and provincial level requirements.”

Tendai Guvamombe