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Zimbabwe: Secretary for Environment hails Africa-Green Expo


By Tendai Guvamombe


The Government has made positive strides in crafting legislative frameworks that enables the implementation of Waste Management and Recycling with the view to protect natural environment from waste, climate change mitigation and creation of green jobs.  Amid all these, Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo and Conference has been instrumental in offering a progressive platform for players in the waste sector to converge for high level discussions.

This year’s Expo was held under the theme, ”Circular Economy: I create!

The Permanent Secretary for Environment commended on the success stories of this year’s Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo and Conference for speaking to Government policies. He also pledged to collaborate with stakeholders in making the next year’s edition a success.

“I would like to applaud those who came up with this the idea of inclusive development, As Ministry we want to make a commitment where we work together in planning for the next edition. We realized that what you are doing is seen in the macro sense but may appear as isolated. I think your initiative is actually complementing what government is doing.”

The Government through the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry incorporated the waste sector into the Nationally Determined Contributions on Climate Change.

Solid Waste Management is provided for under the Environment Management SI 6 of 2007 (Chapter 20:27) and City of Harare Waste Management By Laws.

Waste Management falls under Climate Change Mitigation with a great potential to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions(GHG) and at the same time spearheading employment creation among communities.

Against this background the Ministry pledged to collaborate with Zimbabwe Sunshine Group(ZSG) and other private players in the quest to set up high level platforms towards fulfilment of national goals.

“We realized that we are living out a key constituency, the activities underpinned at the Expo are inline with National Development Strategy (NDS1) which has a section that deals with Environment as component on climate change mitigation. Waste management is also key on global emissions reduction.”

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe