Zimbabwe to become second Israel- Prophet

By Mukudzei Jonhera

“Zimbabwe’s infrastructure will develop to an extent twice that of the Middle Eastern City of Dubai as God has chosen Zimbabwe to be the 2nd Israel, after the Israelites rejected Him,” declares Apostle Lukiah Borerwe a local church leader who is spearheading the Zimbabwe Back to God movement.
Her bold declaration comes from a prophecy she received way back in 1979 when the Lord visited her showing her what will happen in the nation of Zimbabwe. “I was a young girl at that time and did not fully comprehend what God was telling me or why he chose a lowly person like me, a woman for that matter,” says Apostle Borerwe clad in sackcloth, a biblical sign of repentance.
Apostle Borerwe later relocated to the United States of America and only came back in 2016 after the Lord instructed her the time was now ripe for the vision to manifest. She left everything even her American citizenship to pursue her calling and started notifying church leaders of the prophecy that will church the nation forever. The Zimbabwe Back to God movement was born and has not stopped since then.
“We have reached out to all the churches and their mother bodies, national leaders and ordinary people. Despite limited resources we travelled all corners of the country earlier this year spreading the message that Zimbabwe must return to God,” says Apostle Borerwe.
All the work has culminated in a three day National Prayer Conference which started yesterday and runs till Sunday morning at the City Sports Centre.
“God has instructed me to organize this conference so that every Zimbabwean can pray to God for forgiveness. As a nation we used to pray to Mwari musikavanhu but with time and colonization where God’s true mediums were killed came we ended up committing idolatry through ancestral worship by praying to ancestors. We have sinned through bitterness, anger hatred and have to repent so God can begin to rebuild this nation.
The Lord showed everything, Zimbabwe shall be twice as prosperous as Dubai. It shall become the breadbasket of Southern Africa once more. The Lord said that all the mineral wealth shall be exploited to prosper the country but only if we repent as the Bible says in 2 Chronicles verse 7.”
People will be wearing sackcloth throughout as a sign of humility and brokenness of heart

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe